CA&S 2016-17 Grade 4 Origamido

Today(4/10) Michael LaFosse, an internationally renowned origami master, presented to each of the 4th grade classes. Throughout his presentation, Mr.LaFosse engaged the students by having them describe the geometric properties of many shapes, including squares, triangles, and trapezoids. The students exercised their math vocabulary and analyzed the properties of the transforming shapes as they folded. Using a “story-gami” approach, he guided the students as they created their own fortune cookie box and multi-piece puzzle.

Mr.LaFosse displayed several of his masterpieces, including an alligator that took 50 hours to fold from a 6’ square and “Wilbur the Pig” who was once displayed at the “Louvre Museum” in Paris. Students were truly amazed that only a single piece of paper with only folds and no cuts were used to make these wondrous creation.
Mr. LaFosse has designed over 6,000 creations and written 75 books. His work was showcased in n award-winning documentary “Between the Folds.”
Mr.LaFosse brought one of his published origami books and one postcard as a souvenir for each 4th grader to bring home.