June 7, 2020

Still thinking about joining the Appalachian Trail challenge? Or perhaps you already have and are looking for a new spot to check out. Members of the Green Team would like to share some of their favorite local nature trails for you to enjoy. Some of our favorites local spots include Hammond Pond Reservation, Kennard Park, Oakdale Woods Conservation Area, and Hemlock Gorge. If you wish to venture a little further and want a flat trail, Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley has beautiful views of the Charles River. If you are looking for a place with a variety of trails of varying difficulty, Noanet Woodlands in Dover has 17 miles of trails to explore. Wherever you go, we hope you enjoy all nature has to offer. In addition, we would also like to encourage families to bring some trash bags with you and to pick up trash while you are walking; if you are so inclined, you could share pictures with the Green Team and/or post them on the Keep Newton Beautiful Facebook page.