The PTO is excited to be able to offer mini-grants to Countryside teachers and specialists. The purpose of this program is to support teachers, foster innovation, and enhance the learning experience at our school. The PTO will award several small grants to teachers and specialists to fund special initiatives or projects that are outside the regular curriculum and for which funding is otherwise unavailable.

The PTO will award a total of $3,100 for the school year in two award cycles; $1,550 in the fall and $1,550 in the spring. Individual awards will be capped at $250. team project awards will be capped at $400. There will be no restriction on individuals applying for an individual grant and a team grant simultaneously, provided it is for 2 separate projects.

Application deadline is Thursday, November 10th. Grant awards will be announced by November 18.

Examples and Restrictions
Examples of what Mini-grants might purchase include materials for a special project, books, equipment, professional development for an individual or small team.

  • Books for classroom libraries (so long as no more than 10 copies of any one text is purchased)
  • Standing desks and alternative classroom seating
  • Sensory tools
  • Toys for Kindergarten classrooms
  • Supplies for special events in the classroom such as student performances, poetry readings, or Colonial Days
  • “In-residence” artists, poets, authors, etc. who are not part of the citywide Creative Arts & Sciences program

See past grant awards for ideas and more examples.

Requests that cannot be funded include:

  • computer software
  • more than 10 copies of a book (print or electronic)
  • technology devices
  • subscriptions of any kind


Completed applications will be reviewed by the Mini-grants committee in consultation with the Principal. Awards will be given based on merit and number of students who benefit. Special consideration will be given to individuals or teams who did not participate in the past.

All teachers and specialists are welcome to apply. Projects must align with the school’s educational goals and comply with the PTO Council’s districtwide Equity Policy, which states that PTO grants may fund extra enrichment experiences, but not aspects of the regular curriculum.

Mini-grant recipients will be responsible for purchasing items, tracking expenses and submitting a reimbursement form to the PTO Treasurer by the end of the school year. Funds are intended for use within the academic year for which the grant was requested. Funds not used by the last day of school in June will go back to the PTO.

Mini-grant recipients will be asked to submit a brief (<300 word) synopsis, with images if applicable, that we can post in the PTO Update Newsletter upon completion of the project.

Past Grant Awards

2018-2019 Mini Grant Awards

2017-2018 Mini Grant Awards

2016-2017 Mini Grant Awards