2018 Countryside Multicultural Festival


Where: Newton South High School

When: Saturday, March 17, 2018, 5:00 – 9:00 PM

Theme: Famous Cities

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Multicultural Festival Letter

Dear Parents,
The Countryside Multicultural Festival, one of the most anticipated events of the year is on Saturday, March 17, 2018! Our theme this year, “Famous Cities” will allow kids and adults to learn about cities all over the world! If you would like to participate, please email the MCF Committee. Tell us what country you would like to join. If that country already has a group, we will help you get in touch with the leader. If your country is not yet represented, we will help you get one started! If you have any questions, please email us!

期六) 举行! 我们今年的主题是“名城”,让学生和家长了解世界各地的城市! 如果
您想参与,请发邮件给MCF委员会。 告诉我们你想参
加哪个国家。 如果你想参与的国家已经有一个团体, 我们会帮你和团体组长取得
联系。 如果你的国家还没有代表,我们将帮助你开始一个! 如果您有任何问题,

親愛的家長,Countryside 多元文化節,是今年最值得期待的活動之一,將於2018年3月17日(星期六)舉行!我們今年的主題是“名城”,讓孩子和家長了解世界各地的城市!如果你想參與,請發送電子郵件給MCF委員會 (mcf@countrysidepto.org),告訴我們你想參加哪個國家。如果你想參與的國家已經有一個團體,我們會幫你和團體隊長取得聯繫。如果你的國家還沒有代表,我們將幫助你開始一個!如有任何問題,請聯絡我們。



2018年3月17日(土)に、今年最も期待されるイベントの一つであるカントリーサイド・マルチカルチャー・フェスティバルが開催されます!今年のテーマ「Famous Cities」です。各国のブースやパフォーマンスを通して世界中の都市の知識を深めてください。参加したい場合は、MCF委員会に電子メールを送り参加したい国を教えてください。その国に既にグループがある場合は代表者と連絡を取る手助けをいたします。あなたの国がまだない場合はMcf委員がその国の参加のお手伝いをします。質問がある場合はメールでご連絡ください。


הורים יקרים,

פסטיבל התרבויות של קאנטריסייד יוצא לדרך, הפסטיבל יתקיים השנה ביום שבת, 17 במרץ (א’ בניסן התשע”ח) !

הנושא השנה הוא “ערים מפורסמות” והוא יאפשר לקהילת קאנטריסייד לראות וללמוד על ערים שונות ברחבי העולם. אם ברצונכם להשתתף, ליצור קבוצה חדשה או לשאול שאלות  אנא צרו קשר ישירות עם קרן בטלפון 857-636-8616 או שלחו הודעת דוא”ל לוועדה המארגנת

! תודה רבה

Queridos Padres de Familia,
El Festival Multicultural de Countryside, uno de los eventos más esperados del año, será el sábado 17 de Marzo, 2018!
Nuestro tema este año será “Ciudades Famosas”, el cual permitirá a niños y adultos a aprender acerca de las ciudades del mundo!
Si te gustaría participar, por favor envía un correo electrónico al Comité de MCF. Dinos a que país te gustaría unirte. Si ese pais ya tiene grupo te ayudaremos a contactar a su líder. Si aun no está representado, te ayudaremos a empezar un grupo de ese pais!
Si tienes alguna duda por favor contáctanos por correo electrónico!
Countryside 학부모 여러분,
해마다 가장 기대되는 학교행사인 ‘Countryside 다문화축제’가 2018년 3월 17일 토요일에 열릴 예정입니다.
올해 주제는 ‘유명도시들’로써, 학부모들과 학생들이 세계적으로 유명한 도시들에 대해 배울 수 있는 기회가 주어집니다. 참여하고 싶은 학생들은 MCF Committee 로 연락 주시기 바랍니다.
어느나라에 참여하고 싶은지, 또는 이미 선정된 나라팀에 소속되고 싶다면 저희가 연결해 드립니다. 그 밖의 문의 사항은 이메일로연락주세요. 많은 참여 바랍니다. 감사합니다.


What is the Multicultural Festival?

The Countryside Multicultural Festival celebrates all of the many cultures that make up our unique community! Our theme this year, “Famous Cities” will allow kids and adults to learn about the different cities we come from!

Each group will have a table to display information about their country’s famous cities. At the entrance to the Festival, children will be given a “passport” with a multiple-choice question about each country’s famous cities. Children must be able to answer the question after visiting the country’s table. A correct answer earns a sticker. Children who have answered all the “passport” questions will win a small prize at the end!


Schedule of events:

5:00-5:30 pm – Set-up tables in Newton South Cafeteria

5:30-6:30 pm – Visit each country’s table, learn about their cities and culture, taste their food and, stamp your passports

6:30-7:00 pm – Parade of Nations

7:00-9:00 pm – Cultural Performances in Auditorium


List of Countries this year:

If you are the “Country Leader”, please register via this link and we’ll update your details in the table. if you’d like to join an existing group, please email your “Country Leader” directly and let them know you’d like to join their team!

If your country is not represented on this list, email the MCF Committee and we will help you start your own group!


Country Leader Table Parade Performance
Brazil Renata Wilson
China Anny Zhou
Cuba Leslie Gonzalez  
France Marie-joelle Gane
Greece Demetra Salles
Honduras Romina Wilmot  
India Rakashi Chand
Iran Negar Shivaei & Visda Saeyan
Ireland Linda Goldman
Israel Limor Salomon
Japan Kathleen Desaki
Korea Jina Kim
Philippines Harper Lazo
Russia Anna Zeliger Skabeev
Taiwan Jenny Jing
Turkey Esra Akbulut  
Ukraine Julia Pogrebnyak  
USA Kerry Prasad & Cathy Drennan
World (Nations of the World song) Jaime Chang    


Participating Country To-do List:

Each Country Group is invited to do the following:

1. Table: Decorate a table according to the MCF theme.

2. At least one poster teaching about the theme: The poster should be made by children! It MUST give the answer to the Passport question in a way that even the younger grades can understand it. A blank poster will be provided by us!

3. Parade of Nations: Before the performances, all students are invited to march in a parade from the cafeteria to the auditorium. This is a great time to display clothing from your country!

4. Performance: Each group has 3-5 minutes for a performance in the auditorium. In the past, groups have done dances, sung songs and played instruments.


Important Dates:

Friday, March 2:

The following are due to the MCF Committee:

1. Your Passport Question

Please remember that the answer to this question must be on your poster and clear to a young child! It should be a multiple-choice question. ex:

Mardi Gras is celebrated in which US City?

a.) Boston

b.) New Orleans

c.) New York City

d.) Los Angeles

2. Indicate whether your team will be marching in the Parade

3. Music file in an mp3 format

4. The name of the Student Representative who will read a country’s performance introduction

5. Write up a brief description of your performance

March 13 and March 14:

Performance rehearsal at the Countryside Cafetorium Schedule will be posted closer to the event.

March 17:

2017 Multicultural Festival, 5:00-9:00pm


Volunteer Positions:

MCF Photographer:

Take photographs on the day of the event

MCF Videographer:

Video the performance on the day of the event

Please email the MCF Committee  or volunteer here if you are interested in any of these positions.