Creative Arts & Sciences

Creative Arts and Sciences is a city-mandated program that brings enrichment programs to every child in Newton.

A critical part of the Countryside PTO’s mission is to provide learning enrichment for our children. For this reason, we are very proud of our strong commitment to the Creative Arts and Sciences Program. Our PTO spends $52 per student on CA&S- more than any other school in the Newton School District!

Each program is like an in-school field trip in which experts in their fields teach the students about a grade-level appropriate lesson that aligns with state curriculum standards.

Programs in the past few years have included a visit for 5th graders to a weather observatory, a presentation from a beekeeper for 2nd graders, an “Native American Perspectives” interactive classroom experience for 3rd graders, ocean exploration at Countryside for kindergartners and an in class experience with birds of prey provided by “Wingmasters”.

Contact Emma Ardiff-Flaherty and Kerry Prasad with any CA&S questions or if you’d like to help out with the program.